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Welcome to DongBang Market!!! [Aug. 21st, 2006|10:56 pm]
DongBang Market
[Location |DongBangMarket]
[Mood |amused Welcome everyone!!!]
[Ambient Music |Yeoubi - TVXQ]

Because you just can’t get enough of these dorks, we bring you DongBang Market --- your one-stop shop for DongBangShinKi merchandise!

Getting behind on DongBang crack (AKA video clips, music videos, performances, etc.)? Worry no more! We’ve got the latest collection of videos, as well as the not-so-recent ones available for you on DVDs and VCDs!

We also have a wide range of DongBangShinKi merchandise waiting for you as we launch a new product every month. Watch out for the following collectibles:

· 2007 calendars
· stationery sets / memo pads / stickers
· button pins
· bag / luggage tags
· mugs
· wallclocks / desk clocks
· postcards
· paperweights

… and more!

Join this community and our Yahoo! Groups for updates and details on new merchandise and order details.

NOTE: We accept orders outside Manila and the Philippines.

Again, welcome to DongBang Market… have a nice shopping spree with DongBangShinKi!!!